Areas of Focus

Access to Capital

NALCE will act as an:

  • advocate (by encouraging private and federal funding sources to more equitably invest capital and resources in Latino-serving CDFI(s);
  • aggregator (through member collaborations organized by NALCE in response to targeted grant opportunities) and;
  • facilitator (through access to existing NALCAB capital, formal introductions to potential funders, or with timely notice to members of funding opportunities that may be of interest to them) for the movement of new capital and investments to members and Latino communities.

Capacity Building

NALCE will provide training and offer resources and best practices that enhance the ability of members to access low-cost capital, carry out lending activities, and generally improve the operational capability of the CDFI to operate as an exemplary nonprofit and community leader.

Influencing Economic Public Policy

NALCE will create a forum that fosters open dialogue among members to self-identify, hone and promote the economic policy platforms most closely aligned with their unique organizational and community needs on the federal, state or local level.

CDFI Networking and Learning

NALCE will foster interaction and meaningful dialogue between members through structured peer learning opportunities (in-person and web-based), mentorship (cultivating relationships between established and emerging CDFI leaders), sharing of documents, innovations, process and systems (best practices), and site visits.